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Laced Good Student Initiative 2016/17 Registration Form

Attention Boston Public School High school students,
Are you interested in free sneakers and Laced gear? Laced is inviting you to sign up for our annual good student program. Details for the program is below. The deadline to sign up is November 15, 2016 and selected students will be announced that day. Students who sign up will be entered into a lottery, 5 of those students will be selected, and followed throughout the school year to make sure they achieve academic excellence.

Free Yeezy’s For Good Grades!

“We challenge students to come in and pledge that they are going to get good grades throughout the school year,” said Rodriguez.
At the end of the year, if the students make honor roll, they get the sneaker of their choice.

Bad Boy Reunion Tour Pop Up Shop at Laced

The Bad Boy Reunion Tour made it’s way to Boston, and guess where they had the official pop up shop? Well you already know the answer to that, so let’s move on to the good stuff. We have lots of fan photos and the recap video here. Shoutout to Invisible Bully for making this happen…

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Laced Editorial By Tizzy Tokyo Photography

This season Laced made some nostalgia pieces, I mean what’s more Boston that the Citgo sign over Fenway? While remaining true to the culture we had to do some parody designs as well that represent the lifestyle we live. All our models are local, and the killed this shoot!

dsc_1668 dsc_1667 dsc_1665 dsc_1664 dsc_1662 dsc_1661 dsc_1657 dsc_1650 dsc_1643 dsc_1634 dsc_1632 dsc_1625 dsc_1619 dsc_1613 dsc_1609 dsc_1607 dsc_1603 dsc_1601 dsc_1599 dsc_1596 dsc_1586 dsc_1585 dsc_1581 dsc_1578 dsc_1575 dsc_1573 dsc_1556 dsc_1514 dsc_1515 dsc_1524 dsc_1531 dsc_1539 dsc_1545 dsc_1550 dsc_1553 dsc_1513 dsc_1509 dsc_1506 dsc_1505 dsc_1504 dsc_1503 dsc_1487 dsc_1491 dsc_1445 dsc_1448 dsc_1458 dsc_1460 dsc_1466 dsc_1471 dsc_1474 dsc_1476 dsc_1428 dsc_1427 dsc_1426 dsc_1423 dsc_1421 dsc_1419 dsc_1416 dsc_1411 dsc_1460 dsc_1419 dsc_1421 dsc_1423 dsc_1426 dsc_1427 dsc_1428 dsc_1445 dsc_1448 dsc_1416 dsc_1411 dsc_1386 dsc_1382 dsc_1381 dsc_1406 dsc_1401 dsc_1374 dsc_1372 dsc_1400 dsc_1397 dsc_1370 dsc_1365 dsc_1395 dsc_1393 dsc_1364 dsc_1391

The Laced Experience w MADEINTYO

The city was buzzing, and all I could hear was “Uber everywhere” as cars stopped and picked up/dropped off customers on Mass ave in front of Laced. On this warm sunny day, some real fans came out to show some appreciation to an emerging star. He walked in with the swagger of an OG, but made himself at home easily and interacted with all his fans. Just watch the video yourself.