Young Thug x #TheLacedExperience fan photos!

On Sunday 9/20/15 we blessed our fans with an opportunity to meet (& take a pic with) Young Thug, the rapper that is notorious for his hard to follow lyrics. The self-proclamed blood gang member was nothing like what we expected. In fact he was the complete opposite, with more flair than your average person, he walked in with a swagger one would have walking into your high school prom. With jewelry that was shining on, he wore some expensive denim and some big black boots. Contrary to what I expected he was very soft spoken, and didn’t ask for much. After acknowledging the staff inside the store, he turned and asked where he should setup. After a few minutes of checking out the store we got the meet & greet started. With a 5 in 5 out model, we got thru about 150 fans and photos. Fans were young and old alike, with such a great energy and no problems, I would say this event was a success. Watch the recap video here – Look below for your photo with Thugga Thugga!

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